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Dry Tortugas, Florida(FL) – National Park Pier Repair

UMX provided dive teams to head the removal and installation of the Dry Tortugas National Park Pier.  The Dry Tortugas National Park is located in the United States approximately 70 miles west of Key West in the Gulf of Mexico.  The park preserves Fort Jefferson, seven islands inclusive of Dry Tortugas Island and the archipelagos’ coral reefs.

The repairs to the pier were successfully completed by UMX.  It included the installation of twenty- nine Denso FRP pile jackets; the removal and installation of a 7-pile mooring dolphin fender system, driving of three total fender pile along the mooring point of the pier and one change order for the removal of a derelict vessel which washed ashore. UMX’s teams completed the complex and technical process over a period of 2 months.

Due to the nature and location of the project extreme efforts were used to eliminate any impact on the marine environment, which was critical to the successful completion of the project. Any delays in the process would have had significant impact on the project schedule and cost. The UMX team completed the installation without incident and to the client’s satisfaction.

Importance of Safety and Having an Emergency Plan in the Workplace

The statement, “Safety comes first,” has been a common slogan in many workplaces for a while now. However; due to our current environment, many companies and individuals are really trying to address the importance of having an emergency plan. How do you prepare yourself (individual) or company for an emergency?

“The truth is, there is always the possibility that an emergency can happen at any time”, said Scotty Millstead, Assistant Superintendent of Dive Operations, “these are likelihoods because humans are not immune to making mistakes. Therefore, it is imperative that companies have a well thought out emergency plan in place for the safety of all.” Continue reading

Environmental – The Importance of Protecting Our Waterways and Forest & What You Can Do to Help

Today more than ever, companies are quoted with saying they are good “stewards of the environment”, a “green” or “environmentally” safe company. These “words” are great slogans, taglines, and pitches if not truly vetted and/or implemented in the company’s culture or values.

At Underwater Mechanix Services (UMX), we believe protecting our environment is a task for everyone. It’s a collaborative effort and partnership between citizens and businesses; if as a community we want to keep our collective home and earth, safe for all lives to thrive. We understand the environment is a complex ecosystem; which involves a community of living organisms that provide essential natural services for humans and all other species to guarantee a healthy quality of life and sustenance. Continue reading