Environmental – The Importance of Protecting Our Waterways and Forest & What You Can Do to Help

Today more than ever, companies are quoted with saying they are good “stewards of the environment”, a “green” or “environmentally” safe company. These “words” are great slogans, taglines, and pitches if not truly vetted and/or implemented in the company’s culture or values.

At Underwater Mechanix Services (UMX), we believe protecting our environment is a task for everyone. It’s a collaborative effort and partnership between citizens and businesses; if as a community we want to keep our collective home and earth, safe for all lives to thrive. We understand the environment is a complex ecosystem; which involves a community of living organisms that provide essential natural services for humans and all other species to guarantee a healthy quality of life and sustenance.

“Here at UMX, providing environmental services is not just a job, it’s a core value.” By providing exceptional services to our clients; in quality craftsmanship, ethics in workmanship and safety, we understand being “good stewards of the environment” is protecting and maintaining not only our water infrastructures but the ecosystem around them,” said Eric Summers, CEO.

Although our name is Underwater Mechanix, we don’t only value our waterways we also place a high value regarding our wildlife and forestry.

Many times, people forget, the forest helps to sustain existence by removing carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the air we breathe. It contributes to cooling off the air temperatures, as well as reduces the formation of ground-level ozone; which lessens the number of pollutants that can cause heart and lung problems and other related diseases.

“I believe what sets UMX apart is we have the ability to both affect our environment in a positive way both topside and underwater,” said Keonnia Adair Chief Operations Officer, “via dive operations, we can provide a positive contribution to our waterways and via our corporate office we can provide that same contribution topside, by recycling, looking for ways to reduce “paper” redundancy and looking for various environmental projects that support our community.”

What Can We Do Individually to Protect Our Waterways?

No doubt, individuals have vital roles to play in protecting our waterways and water resources. This includes taking deliberate actions to reduce the littering and pollution of our waterways, groundwater, and the marine environment. Here are a few ways individuals can help protect our waterways!

  • Conserving water by reducing production of waste water
  • Reusing and recycling of water
  • Preventing water pollution of all kinds
  • Avoid littering the streets as every object you drop ends in our creeks, rivers, beaches, and bays the next time it rains.

What Are the Benefits of Protecting Our Waterways?

There are lots of benefits we stand to enjoy if we can keep our waterways clean. These benefits can be categorized into economic, social and environmental.

  • Economic: A healthy waterway can help boost tourism and fishing. It can also help to reduce health care costs.
  • Social: Healthy and clean waterways give room for recreation, reduce the prevalence of water-borne diseases, increase quality of life, as well as increase the quality of water that goes into aquifers.
  • Environmental: Waterways protection helps to preserve the diversity of water dependent animals and plants. More also, it preserves the various natural services of aquatic ecosystems in planet earth.

At Underwater Mechanix Services (UMX), a Commercial Dive and Marine Construction Company, we do not only maintain infrastructures near and in water, but we also strive to maintain our waterways for future use.