Diving Service for James River, Pile Restoration

Underwater Mechanix Services performed structural jacket installations on the power line supports running adjacent to the James River Bridge in Va.  The project consist of excavating 4’ below natural bottom,  placement of bottom seals standoffs, fiber glass denzo jackets and rebar cages.

Jackets were installed ranging from 10’ to 40’ in Jacket  length.  Diving operations are being conducted 2 miles from shore off of a 30’ x 100’  crane Barge.

Environmental – Wacissa Springs Restoration

Prior to commencement the construction area was 98% overgrown by vegetation with an average of 2 feet of sediment covering the natural bottom.

During dredging operations UMX revealed 6 new spring heads which were buried under up to 5’ of sediment and vegetation.  USGS found that during UMX operations the springs water flow has increased up to 2 times and the water level have risen and appears to be more stable.

Marine Construction and Engineering for Mooring Buoy Inspection and Repair

Underwater Mechanix performed a diving inspection of 25 total mooring buoys located at NAS JAX.

The inspection included video documentation along with a detailed written report. UMX will be returning to complete the recommended repairs to the mooring system.

All diving operations were in accordance with the ADCI.

Diving Services and Marine Construction for Blount Island Terminal Wharf

Underwater Mechanix was contracted to perform the underwater repairs to a sheet pile bulkhead at JAXPORT Main pier in Jacksonville FL.

The repairs included drilling and setting Stainless Steel anchor bolts for 9 total test stations, 72 total anchors were installed.

The project also included repairing deteriorated locations of the sheet pile by means of underwater welding by a certified AWS welder, installation of cathodic protection anodes which were welded to the sheet pile wall, application of a two part anticorrosion inhibitor at various locations on 178 H pile and the installation of cathodic protection pile jackets

Diving Services and Marine Construction for USCGC Oak Repair

Underwater Mechanix Services (UMX) performed an underwater welding repairs for the 225’ Coast Guard Cutter Oak.  UMX found located damage to the welds of a rope guard while performing a cleaning and inspection for the Oak.

Diving Services for Ships Dry Docking

Underwater Mechanix Services (UMX) performs routine dry dock and dry dock inspections.

Diving Services for Overseas Hwy/ Ohio Missouri Channel

Underwater Mechanix Services (UMX) performed the installation of 36 impressed current cathodic protection pile jackets.

Each pile was repaired in quadrants prior to the placement of Cathodic Protection Pile jackets.

Marine Construction and Engineering for Lock Manatee Sensors

Underwater Mechanix Services (UMX) performed an underwater repairs, installation and calibrations for the Manatee Sensors located on the upstream and downstream gates located on the Buckman Lock and dam.

Diving Services for Finger Pier, Pile Restoration

Underwater Mechanix Services (UMX) performed an underwater cleaning, inspection and repair of finger piers being installed at the Small Boat Basin, Naval Station Mayport.

Marine Construction & Diving Services for Prince William County

Underwater Mechanix mobilized to Prince William county on two occasions the first mobilization was to perform an inspection of the Dams apron to locate and mark areas that may be leaking, provide a written report and methods of isolating the leaks, 2 locations were found.

Our second mobilization was to isolate the leaks using various methods.  This project was determined to be high risk do to the existing differential pressure, areas of differential pressure were isolated and the project was performed safely.